Organic Agriculture

The farm has more than 2,500 fruit trees, among them 200 different species of fruit that ripen gradually over the summer – starting from the nectarines (May), on to the peaches, grapes, apples and pears (June-August) and finally persimmons, grapes, nuts and prickly pears (October-November). Herbs – medicinal and others, are also grown, as well as summer and winter vegetables as fillers. The farm offers fresh, organic produce, sold directly on site, to Jerusalem residents and its guests.

All the agriculture on the farm uses bio-organic methods, with no chemicals, hormones or harmful pesticides; the motto is minimal human involvement, and a faith in the natural ability of the trees and other plants to “get up” and continue to grow. The farm is included in the list of authorized organic food producers, and is also authorized by the Israel Bio-Organic Agriculture Association.


The idea to establish an organic farm comes from the faith, which has recently gained much ground and awareness both in Israel and abroad, that organic agriculture and consuming organic produce is the right and healthy thing both for the people involved and for the environment. We believe that the natural and right place to be should also cause pleasure to the body and the soul; it should be close to the city but not within it, in a natural setting where you can break away from your daily routine and connect with the land: the soil and the trees, the shrubbery and all sorts of growing plants.