Tursinai Organic Farm

In the heart of the Emek Ha’arazim (Valley of the Cedars), just a 5-minute drive from Jerusalem or a 45 minute ride from Tel Aviv, nestles the Tur-Sinai Organic Farm, a unique symbol of love of the land. The farm, surrounded by pine trees and herds of gazelles, blends perfectly into Jerusalem metropolitan area and integrates naturally into its surroundings – which its owners are careful not to harm. Organic farming and green construction preserve the area’s natural resources.

Since 1952

Legacy & History

From Emek Ha’arazim Plantations to Tur-Sinai Organic Farm.
When Zionism was still popular and building the land was both a vision and a vital need, Sima and Ze’ev Tur-Sinai, established the Emek Ha’arazim Plantations in the western access to Jerusalem.
These plantations, covering hundreds of Dunams, served as a barrier between Israeli and Jordanian forces at the time.

Events in Nature

The ambition to engage in agriculture, together with the desire to bring the city inhabitants closer to nature, encouraged the family to establish a green boutique hotel/resort and a place where events and gatherings were held.
It provides hotel accommodations, a setting for events – both private or for corporate and workshops – all in the heart of a fruit-tree plantation.


Hotel & RESORT

Boutique Hotel & Resort

In the heart of a mountainous-forested landscape, one can observe country style guest suites located in the organic farm of Tur Sinai.

The rooms are elegantly furnished, include air conditioning, TV, leather armchairs and a “sky window” that allows sunlight to gently aluminate the accommodations. The suites and guesthouses are built in green construction with the highest standards, ecological construction that allows for natural heating and cooling, preventing energy waste. The accommodation’s water waste is purified in a gray water system and are used to irrigate the orchard. The accommodations are built on stone terraces, surrounded by organic fruit trees, and are covered with local stones that were removed from the ground by training, and integrate harmoniously into the landscape.

Tursinai Organy

When Zionisim was at its best, and building the land was both a vision and a necessity, Sima and Ze’ev Tur Sinai founded “Mataey Emek HaArazim” at the western corridors of Jerusalem. The developed Fruit orchards started to spread out over hundreds of Dunams and created a natural green frontier between the kingdom of Jordan and the young Israeli state. The year was 1952, and the Tur Sinai family had a passion to introduce new types of fruits to the land, mostly deciduous trees, that best suited the Jerusalem climate. These orchards included over 1200 Dunams of cherries, peaches, nectarine, apples, pears and more. The first Fresco Nectarines were smuggled to the land via California during 1961 by Odded Tur Sinai, who would eventually become the owner of the farm.


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