In the heart of the Emek Ha’arazim (Valley of the Cedars),

5 minutes fromJerusalemand about 45 minutes from Tel Aviv, nestles the Tur-Sinai Organic Farm,

a unique symbol of love of the land. The farm,

surrounded by pine trees and herds of gazelles,

blends intoJerusalem’s metropolitan park area and integrates naturally into its surroundings – which its owners are careful not to harm.

Organic farming and green construction preserve the area’s natural resources.

Agriculture: The farm has 30 dunams of organic fruit-trees, including: apple, cherry, pear, nectarine, apricot, olive, and wine-grapes such as merlot and cabernet.

Social events in nature: Here one can celebrate any family event in a truly magical atmosphere. With the intimate feeling of the place itself, the events blend in well with the pastoral view of the farm and the valley around it.

A green boutique hotel/resort: Several large rooms and luxurious suites, built green and integrated with nature, allow you to become a part of the idyllic surroundings.

Workshops and events for organizations: In this bucolic setting, there are a variety of activities available, all of which may be adapted to the needs of any particular guest.

Day-trips in the farm and the valley: You may take guided day-trips, arranged ahead of time, and become acquainted with the farm and its environs. Learn about medicinal herbs, fruit trees, Zionism and history – all in once place.